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Start with why

Where to buy?

How to store?

How to backup?

How to get help?

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Start with why

Where to buy?

How to store?

How to backup?

How to use?

How to get help?

Concierge services

The Bitsaga concierge service is tailor-made guidance for buying and storing Bitcoin according to specific needs. Whether you’re just getting started or want to upgrade your security to multi-sig. The concierge service has 2 main trajectories, each adjusted depending on the needs of your person or your business.


To buy & hold

The fundamentals concierge service includes the full setup of an automated monthly recurring bitcoin buy to your own cold storage.

Suitable for acquiring <€10 000 monthly and storing safely on your own single-sig wallet. The fundamentals concierge service is rated at €100/h.


To 10x your security

The multi-sig concierge setup includes an assisted upgrade of your current security model to multi-sig with either a 2-of-3 or 3-of-5 multiple keys setup.

Suitable for acquiring and storing larger amounts on your self-managed multi-sig wallet with peace of mind. The multi-sig concierge service is rated at €125/h.


I can only be satisfied with the approach of Bitsaga. I needed step-by-step advice on handling my hardware wallet securely.

Rob took his time to go through the installation with me while providing tips from his expertise and showing me how I can directly buy straight to offline storage. I can only recommend it!

 Directly book a free 30 min consultation at

Get struck by the lightning network

Consultancy tailored to your needs

Direct actionable insights instant access to our global team of industry expert consultants. Our consultants are characterised as highly technical people, experienced node operators and software engineers.

  • 15 min on-demand problem solving personal calls
  • 4 hour theoretical deep dives for your entire team
  • multi-day practical workshops for a complete & secure bitcoin setup
We match your specific questions with the right consultants or refer to one of our many partners in the industry.

Personal meetings and audits

Introductory setups for entering the world of Bitcoin. We guide you with buying, storing and using Bitcoin securely whether personally or corporate. Direct answers to fundamental and technical questions without making possibly expensive mistakes. Tip, tricks and security audit of your entire situation. There is always something to improve!

Guided team workshops

Single or multi-day online workshops to guide your colleagues from work step-by-step through the process of learning and embracing Bitcoin safely. Start using Bitcoin in no time, learn about the lightning network, run your own personal or corporate node. Every workshop ends with every member making a small BTC transaction on the lightning network. Great as a corporate team activity!

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Why Bitsaga?

Bitcoin is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This new revolutionary technology provides a unique chance to free ourselves from decisions of politicians and central banks that impact our personal financial life more than we might realise.

The current market is saturated with get-rich-quick promises and in need of clear, objective and non-biased information.


That’s where Bitsaga comes in. The goal is to provide you with fundamental data-driven insights so you can make confident, durable decisions that will last you a lifetime.

Official reseller of the best bitcoin hardware wallets

Bitcoin and the lightning network will electrify the world

Bitcoin is a monetary revolution, by the people, for the people.

Bitcoin allows you to take matters into your own hand, be independent. It is an insurance policy on an uncertain future. Convert a small amount of your net worth into this emerging asset class and have a foot in the door.

Dive into the deep end

There is already some amazing content on the internet about Bitcoin. After years of obsessively researching the ins and outs, these are our 3 favourites videos on Bitcoin. Cup of coffee recommended!

Play Video

Phd & author of “The Bitcoin Standard” Ammous gives a great summary of his famous book in the first 27 minutes. He gives insights in the what and why of “hard money” and why Bitcoin will survive.

Michael Saylor sitting in a chair
Play Video

Founder of Microstrategy Michael Saylor putting Bitcoin in grand historical context and clarifying Bitcoin is the most sensible way to preserve wealth with irrefutable logical reasoning.

Robert Breedlove
Play Video about Robert Breedlove

Legendary podcaster Lex Fridman interviews Robert Breedlove who himself is host of the “What is money?” show. They start from first principles and wander around big philosophical questions and answers with relation to money and Bitcoin.

Share insights

Since 2015 we have been investing, researching and building with Bitcoin and the lightning network. Since the beginning it was never about getting rich, but about understanding how the technology works in order to make long term, durable decisions.

Now, we would like to share our findings with you and help spread Bitcoin adoption.

Don't miss out on the greatest revolution since the dawn of the internet