Seedfan Steel Backup

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The Seedfan is a solid steel plate to securely backup your bitcoin seed (private key). A reliable backup of your bitcoin wallet is crucial to prevent loss of bitcoin. The Seedfan makes storing your backup safe and easy.

Unique to the Seedfan is the support for both 24 words and QR code. Storing your bitcoin seed (private key) as a QR code, on steel, is much easier to use, along with airgapped (camera based) devices like the Foundation Passport, Seedsigner or Jade.


Made in the Netherlands with stainless 316 steel (also known as “marine grade steel”).

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Product Description

Protect your Bitcoin seeds with Seedfan, the ultra-secure and smart backup solution. With Seedfan, you store your 24 words and the seed QR code. Engrave or save your seed, and it will be safe from fire, impact, and water.

With Seedfan, you also store your seed as a QR code. This way, you always have quick access to your wallet without the hassle of manual input. Securely screw the plates in place and store them in a strategic location with the additional mounting hole. Safety and convenience come together in this smart solution.


Seedfan has the following features:

  • 2 stainless steel plates (1 for 24 words seed backup & 1 for QR code), 2 screws
  • Dimensions (1 plate): Height-105mm, Width-74mm, Depth-2mm
  • Additional mounting hole to securely attach Seedfan to a strategic location
  • Input field for important information such as date, wallet ID, and Master fingerprint
  • QR grid has the (standard) format 25×25.

The QR grid is simply another way to store your 12 or 24 word seed phrase backup. A hardware wallet with a camera like the Foundation Passport can scan the QR code and get access to those bitcoin without manually typing in words.


Get just the Seedfan steel plate & card , the Seedfan steel kit (with engraver, centerpunch & marker) or the 3x Seedfan kit for your multi-sig bundle.


Seedfan steel, Seedfan steel kit, 3x Seedfan steel kit