Bitaxe Supra (pre-order)

179.00 / ~336,470 Sats

Unparalleled mining performance in an affordable plug-and-play package. The Bitaxe Supra is powered by the cutting-edge BM1368 ASIC which is used the latest generation Antminer S21 (launched in 2024). This open-source bitcoin miner is designed for last-gen efficiency (17.5J/TH), low power consumption (10-15W) and high hashrate (up to 700 GH/s).

Use your smartphone or computer to connect to the Bitaxe Wi-Fi network and enter your home Wi-Fi network details.

Featuring seamless WiFi connectivity the Bitaxe is perfect for both solo and pool mining.

With solo mining you get a (very small) chance to win the full block reward (3,125 bitcoin + fees) for yourself, but especially help the network with decentralisation.


Note this is a pre-order. Orders will be shipped once batch has arrived which we expect in july.

Available on backorder


Standalone: can mine directly to your pool over WiFi (no external computer needed)

Embedded: low cost, low maintenance, high availability, high reliability, low power.

Versatile: solo/pool mining, autotune power/heat/efficiency.


In the box:

  • Bitaxe Supra
  • Case
  • Power supply