Mine & heat

Future-Proof Heating:
Get heat and Bitcoin

Bitcoin miner heater


Mining bitcoin at home is the future of heating solutions. The Bitsaga Bitheatr miners make it plug-and-play accessible for everyone.


Usually bitcoin miners are extremely loud and difficult to manage, but our modified bitcoin miner is made for your everyday office.


The Bitsaga Bitheatr serves dual purpose as both miner and electrical heater; an energy-efficient device designed to keep your space warm while mining Bitcoin, in silence.

What is a bitcoin miner?

A bitcoin miner is a specialised computer that helps secure the decentralised bitcoin network. In order to do this, they use energy in the form of computing power. This energy usage has heat as byproduct. 

Don't just save money when heating, earn it.

Efficient Heating

Experience powerful, consistent  and active heating of 650 watts with 2 fans blowing the heat in the direction you want.

Profit Potential

Bitheatr has the potential to generate significant profits in the future when Bitcoin prices increase.

Energy Savings

Bitheatr is optimized for energy efficiency, helping you save on heating costs compared to traditional heaters.

Silent operation

Bitcoin miners can be as loud as lawnmowers (up to 85dB) whilst Bitheatr runs like a modern washing machine (at 55dB).

Bitheatr lite 650W

S9 Bitcoin miner side view

Bitheatr tower 850W

Bitcoin miner heater

Bitheatr pro 1800W (coming soon)

and now for the big question:

How much money does it make?

at current bitcoin price

bitcoin miner profitability current price

at 10x bitcoin price

bitcoin miner profitability 10x price

So, is bitcoin mining profitable? The short answer is: no.

As you can see in the first table it costs you about $40/month to run the Bitheatr Lite at todays energy price and todays bitcoin price. Keep in mind, that’s for keeping it running 24/7. Those are the facts, today. Play around with the numbers yourself at this bitcoin mining calculator

But, for me, it comes down to this:

I'm heating my office ANYWAY.

I can use natural gas to do so, or I can use my Bitheatr to do so and make future profits, today. Even if you’re not convinced the bitcoin price will continue to go up. When you’re heating your room with a Bitheatr, you’re getting a chance to profit for when it actually does.
large bitcoin miner

The reality is bitcoin mining is only profitable for industrial miners at scale who have access to very low energy prices (and thereby incentivising renewable energy projects). They have this massive advantage over home bitcoin miners.

However, we as miners at home have a bigger advantage: we don’t have to sell today. Institutional large scale miners are businesses who most cover their operating costs to stay profitable. We as home miners don’t have to, we can hold on to our mined bitcoin for years, until the price goes up.

When the price of bitcoin inevitably goes up, however long that might take, we will have made money in the future for heating our homes, today.

Limited time lauch offer

Secure your warm and profitable future with discounted Bitheatrs, today. For a limited time, enjoy an exclusive launch discount. Be ahead of the curve and invest in a heating solution that pays off in more ways than one.