Bitcoin workshop

bitcoin workshop

Learning by doing

Bitcoin basics and hands-on
best practices workshop

Bitcoin is a new form of money designed to be free from the whims of politicians and bankers. Most people are interested in bitcoin with the “get rich” narrative. Admittedly, that’s how I originally got into it back in 2015. Currently however, to me, bitcoin is a revolutionary technology which impacts the entire civilisation no less than the invention of the printing press or the internet.

This workshop is intended for those who want to understand & invest in Bitcoin and want to do it right from the start and not make any expensive mistakes. The workshop guides people into everything to buy and store bitcoin securely for the long term.

Next workshop dates:

Saturday 27/4/24 (IRL – full)

Sunday 16/7/24 (digital – open)

Whatever bitcoin currently means to you, this workshop is for everyone interested, because:

Zero prior knowledge of bitcoin is required

However, that does mean we have a lot of ground to cover and tempo is high.

But fear not: infinite free Nespresso coffee is provided!


The workshop starts at 10 in the morning with a presentation of the necessary theoretical basics where we cover:

  • Why we need money & history of money
  • What is bitcoin?
  • Why does money and bitcoin matter?
  • How does bitcoin try to be money?
  • Theoretical FAQ

At 12 have a small lunch break.


We continue the workshop with a hands-on practical approach where every participant follows along on their device. We cover:

  • General security and privacy best practices
  • How to buy bitcoin 
    • Multiple methods
    • Buy bitcoin straight to secure offline storage
  • How to store bitcoin long term
    • Software & hardware wallet interaction
    • Offline cold storage
  • How to use bitcoin everyday
  • Practical FAQ

Who am I?


Hi I’m Rob, founder of Bitsaga. I have been a software engineer for +8 years at various companies (LinkedIn profile here). A few years back I co-founded Hukaroi, a fintech startup focussed on HR optimisation which started out as Fiscalo, a tax optimisation tool.

In 2019 I was the lead javascript coach for Hack Your Future, a coding school for immigrants.

My technical background originally led me down the technical path of bitcoin fundamentals, how it works under the hood. I hiked the ICO bull run of 2017 and jumped on every new coin possible. At some point I remember I had +100 coins in my MetaMask wallet.

Now I only hold one: bitcoin


There is a crazy amount of information and marketing thrown at you when entering the world of “crypto” and i tried to gobble it all up. I learned it is very hard to filter out the signal from the noise.

My journey wasn’t easy. I made (and lost) a lot of money, but I never stopped learning. Now, I would like to share my learnings with you.

How much does it cost & where is it?

The price for this full day workshop is €149. This bitcoin workshop can be organised on demand for a maximum of 8 individuals. We run the workshop as a digital video meeting because that’s both practical and secure. This way, everyone can follow along with their cold storage wallets from the security of their home and we can have a fun day exploring all of the above. It is also possible to setup a real-life workshop, contact me for possibilities.

Other configurations like corporate workshops are also possible depending on the number of participants, location and specific adjustments you want me to make to the “curriculum”, which is always possible.

Feel free to just reach out contact me hereemail or on linkedin and I’ll send you a detailed price for you or your team.