1.00 / ~1,850 Sats

An extensive list of 21 products and services for your bitcoin journey on a handy downloadable PDF document.

Includes basic must-have recommendations:

  • Best exchange to buy bitcoin (incl mobile app)
  • Mobile wallet for everyday use (lightning enabled)
  • Mobile app to buy bitcoin (non-KYC)
  • Password manager (with browser plugin & mobile app)
  • Two factor authentication tool (with encrypted backups for when you lose your phone)
  • Bitcoin book

Best practice & general recommendations:

  • VPN (with no-logs policy)
  • Hardware wallet (bitcoin only & open source software)
  • Desktop wallet (secure long-term storage)
  • Wallet / seed phrase backup (metal plate) for <40$
  • Browser plugins for tracker blocking and earning free BTC when buying online
  • Bitcoin news website
  • Bitcoin-focused podcast app to earn free BTC while listening

Advanced recommendations:

  • Hardware security key
  • Wifi router (2 station mesh router for high speeds, wide coverage and great security)
  • Hardware & software to run your own Bitcoin and lightning node
  • Bitcoin miner hardware
  • 1 bonus Bitcoin news website
  • 1 bonus browser plugin



Extensive fool proof list of products and services for your Bitcoin journey.

These are extremely valuable whether you’ve just started to learn about Bitcoin or have been in the space for quite a while. This list is the culmination of years of experimenting with different products and services. For the more experienced bitcoiners we’ve made sure there are recommendations in here to improve your bitcoin handling irregardless of your experience level.


Instead of a long list of comparisons without any conclusions you get 1 clear, single recommendation for every product or service including a direct clickable url to find out more and try it out for yourself.