Lightning bitcoin means fast and cheap bitcoin.

The main bitcoin network was designed to be decentralised and secure. The way it solved this (through proof-of-work) makes the bitcoin network too slow and expensive for your everyday coffee-buying transactions. Enter the lightning network. 

The lightning network is a layer on top of the Bitcoin network so users can send fast and cheap Bitcoin transactions.

The lightning network is a network of channels that contain an amount of Bitcoin. Lightning nodes have multiple channels and route transactions by shifting the bitcoin balance in their channels from one side to the other. The Bitcoin in these channels can shift from one side to another countless times, like an abacus, without incurring the fees from the main Bitcoin network.

Alice does not need to have a channel with Bob directly, a lightning transaction gets routed through various nodes to get to its destination. A lightning wallet takes care of this for you.

This way, Alice can send Bitcoin to Bob without incurring the delay and transaction cost of the main Bitcoin network.

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As a lightning service provider Bitsaga provides clients with a connection to the lightning network and dirt cheap routing at an average of <0.003% transaction fee.

Please contact us to discuss opening lightning channels, if you want to buy inbound liquidity or if wonder how the lightning network can benefit your business.

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