Start with bitcoin bundle

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The Start With Bitcoin bundle includes everything you need to get started with buying and storing Bitcoin.

  • Introduction and setup of an automated monthly recurring bitcoin buy
  • Cold storage wallet for secure offline storage of your bitcoin
  • Seedfan steel backup

Overview of the differences between hardware wallets can be found here.

We set up a monthly recurring buy with any amount that fits you, from €10 to €1000 per month (for larger amounts, send us a message)

Once the setup is done your freshly bought bitcoin gets sent to your secure cold storage wallet automatically, which is detached from the internet, for long term storage.

The Seedfan steel plate is your backup if your hardware wallet is lost or destroyed, this way you never have to worry about losing your bitcoin.

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Send us a message for any custom configuration like a 1h setup call with only the Jade hardware wallet, without the steel backup. Any combination is possible to match your personal preference.

Physical products enjoy free shipping to Belgium.


DIY Basic (Jade hardware wallet & steel backup), DIY Light (BitBox hardware wallet & steel backup), DIY Full (Foundation Passport + steel backup), Basic (1h setup call, Jade hardware wallet & steel backup), Light (1h setup call, BitBox hardware wallet & steel backup), Full (1h setup call, Foundation Passport hardware wallet & steel backup)