How to buy & store bitcoin

Buying Bitcoin is easy at Pocket: 

Easily setup an open order, so you can send Euros to it whenever you want and how much you feel like! It buys and sends bitcoin straight to your own wallet automatically.

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Setup recurring monthly bitcoin buy straight to your own wallet

Storing bitcoin safely needs to happen offline on a dedicated device called a hardware wallet. We call this "cold storage".

Anything stored online can relatively easily be hacked. Storing your bitcoin on a hardware wallet detached from the internet is the single most important thing to do after buying bitcoin.
bitcoin gold padlock security

There are dozens of hardware wallet options. We have tried & tested a large variety of options and found that most are secure but also very hard to use. Bitsaga offers 3 hardware wallets with a strong focus on being easy to use and also being bitcoin-only. Being bitcoin only strongly reduces the attack surface of a hardware wallet, making them simpler and safer.

The 3 best bitcoin hardware wallets for cold storage


€75 - cheap starter

The best of the basics and everything you need to get you going. Fully open source software and hardware.

  • Airgap with camera: scan QR codes to send bitcoin
  • Pairs great with Blockstream Green, their simple and easy to use software
  • Open source software & hardware
  • Mobile and desktop support
  • Mediocre build quality
  • Bitsaga is an offical Jade reseller


€144 - best value & easiest to use

Swiss made hardware wallet with a strong focus on ease of use. The easiest hardware wallet to setup and use.

  • Easy: plug directly into your Android phone or computer with USB-C
  • Super easy to use Bitbox App
  • Easy backup and restore on microSD
  • OLED display and touch sensors
  • 100% Swiss made quality
  • Bitsaga is an official BitBox reseller


€249 - future proof & recommended

High-end hardware and software which is a breeze to use. You can truly feel the attention to all details.

  • Airgap with camera: scan QR codes to send bitcoin
  • Great Envoy mobile app
  • Superior security and usability
  • Superior build quality
  • Large color screen & keypad
  • Removable battery
  • Feature rich (multi-sig, TOR, built-in content..)
  • Great documentation & support
  • Bitsaga is offical Passport reseller

Don't forget to backup!

seedfan steel plates

A trustworthy backup of your hardware wallet is crucial to prevent potential loss of bitcoin. Your bitcoin private key is initially stored in your hardware wallet, but what if something happens to it? What if it’s destroyed in a fire?

That’s where a steel backup comes in. Introducing the Seedfan steel backup, an indestructible backup of your 24 word private key (aka “seed”).

A must have when storing bitcoin securely for the long term.

Hardware wallet + steel backup bundles: