Zeus Wallet v0.7.3: Import QR From Gallery, Biometrics Login, and More

v0.7.3 Highlights

QRCodeScanner: import QR code images from galleryBiometrics loginChannels: view pending and closedChannels: force close channel timer displayFast node switchingLNURL-auth: LNDHub: compatibility mode for Alby and BlueWallet

What’s Changed

Bug fix: ZEUS-1260: routing fee totals being multiplied by @Talej in #1281Clipboard: handleAnything cleanup by @Talej in #1291POS: Reconciliation by @kaloudis in #1294Unified Invoice: don’t display until both on-chain + LN invoices are loaded by @kaloudis in #1308QRCodeScanner: import QR code images from gallery by @shubhamkmr04 in #1296c-lightning-REST: Fix wrong getChannels endpoint by @sha-265 in #1266WalletHeader: SettingsButton: go to Nodes on long-press for fast switching by @kaloudis in #1309Reproducible builds: update Docker image, use SHA256 hashes by @kaloudis in #1310LNURL-pay: confirm button: use theme colors by @InnocuousFinch in #1313Channels: force close channel timer display by @Talej in #1292Pending/closed channels by @kaloudis in #1019Images: add Lottie file support, new loading + payment indicators by @kaloudis in #1314LNURL-auth: LNDHub: compatibility mode for Alby and BlueWallet by @Talej in #1305Biometrics login by @channelninja in #1301Security: Biometrics: show “require login after…” setting when FaceID enabled by @Talej in #1318deps: use BlueWallet fork of react-native-qrcode-local-image by @Talej in #1335Settings: Privacy: turn auto-read from clipboard off by default by @kaloudis in #1332Channels: maintain channelsType state between renders by @Talej in #1317ZEUS-1145: LNBits: received payments aren’t displayed in Activity view by @kaloudis in #1333ZEUS-1321: LNDHub: don’t allow saving of account w/o creds by @kaloudis in #1334LNC: add perm checks for custodial accounts by @kaloudis in #1331QRCodeScanner: fix position of button overlay by @kaloudis in #1343ZEUS-1339: views/PaymentRequest: handle Fee Limit percentage w/ comma by @kaloudis in #1345ZEUS-1336: Initial load: only handle initial URL after node is fully initiated by @kaloudis in #1344Routing: Forwarding history fixes by @kaloudis in #1347

New Contributors

@sha-265 made their first contribution in #1266@channelninja made their first contribution in #1301

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