Zeus v0.8.1-beta: Nostr Contact Import, Point of Sale & More

“With our new standalone Point of Sale you can:Manage your product listManage product categoriesPrice items in fiat or Bitcoin (or mix and match)Enable or disable tipsOptionally, set a tax percentageReview your salesOr if you have a Square terminal, you can tap into that!”

What’s new

Nostr contact importStandalone Point of Sale with inventory managementPersistent LND (keep running LND even when ZEUS is closed, this enables instant ZEUS PAY zap redemptions, makes zapping faster, and paves the way for NWC) [Android only]Node/account reorderingImproved expiry displayLND v0.17.3

What’s changed (beta1 & beta2)

README: add Start9 links by @kn0wmad in #1894Bug Fix: ‘Proceed’ and ‘Send Coins’ both showing for on-chain transac… by @shubhamkmr04 in #1892Allow filtering out unconfirmed transactions by @myxmaster in #1861Update iris.to links by @kaloudis in #1902Locales: Swahili by @kaloudis in #1911LND: v0.17.3-beta-zeus by @kaloudis in #1904Lightning address: add ‘lightning:’ as prefix to QR by @kaloudis in #1903Fix size of min/max amount for lnurlpay by @myxmaster in #1910LnurlPay and Send: Fix cut off text by @myxmaster in #1905Reworked settings layout by @myxmaster in #1912Open Channel: toggle off and disable Announce when Taproot Channel toggled by @kaloudis in #1895Improved UI/UX for LNDhub read-only wallets by @myxmaster in #1781ZEUS-1898: Fix crash on sort by channel close height by @kaloudis in #1915Fix adding route hints to invoice when requesting from keypad if enabled in settings by @myxmaster in #1909ZEUS-1858: Unified QRs: handle LNURLs used as lightning param by @kaloudis in #1859ZEUS PAY explainer: remove language about LSP if backend doesn’t support it by @kaloudis in #1916Persist chosen units across app restarts by @kaloudis in #1913ZEUS-1900: In-transit payments: convert to failed payments by @kaloudis in #1917Contacts V2: Implementing Nostr contacts by @shubhamkmr04 in #1907Standalone POS by @Talej in #1722Channels: Filters: Online/Offline by @kaloudis in #1923ZEUS-1642: Nodes: add ability to reorder list by @kaloudis in #1922Invoice: Improve expiry display by @myxmaster in #1534Android: persistent LND service by @kaloudis in #1906Embedded LND: Settings: DB compaction + Neutrino file deletion by @kaloudis in #1925Version bump: v0.8.1-beta1 by @kaloudis in #1918LNC: fix supportsLightningSends permission check by @kaloudis in #1929Fixed connection errors for old connection attempts being shown by @myxmaster in #1928

New Contributors

@kn0wmad made their first contribution in #1894

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