Zeus v0.7.6 Released: Notes, Fiat Exchange Rates and POS Improvements

“Now that the #FreeZeus movement has turned into a swift victory, we must turn our efforts towards #FreeZaps,” wrote Zeus wallet on Nostr.


Notes: add ability to leave notes on transactions, payments, and invoices.Fiat exchange rates: add ability to choose between Zeus and Yadio as source.POS: associate existing payments with open orders + hide open orders.Bug fix: LNDHub: balance refresh.Bug fix: LCompatibility issues with CLN 23.05.

What’s Changed

Bug fix: LNDHub: allow balance refresh by @kaloudis in #1450Add ability to copy on invoice details screen by @Ovifer13 in #1460eslint: remove unreachable code by @aussedatlo in #1462POS: add ability and associate existing payments with open orders and hide open orders by @kaloudis in #1454Fixed showing loading indicator for fiat amount endlessly by @myxmaster in #1455backends/LndHub: supportsOnchainReceiving: check for LNbits url by @kaloudis in #1459Fix Android back button issues by @myxmaster in #1468Fix compatibility issues with CLN 23.05 in activity by @sha-265 in #1465Translations: channel totals, themes, settings by @myxmaster in #1469Fiat currency rates: choose between rates from Zeus or Yadio by @myxmaster in #1466Lock without reconnect by @myxmaster in #1470AddNotes: Add notes after payment by @shubhamkmr04 in #1447Version bump: v0.7.6-beta1 by @kaloudis in #1472iOS: FaceID fix by @kaloudis in #1475Core Lightning: display multiple channels per peer + update msat fields by @kaloudis in #1474Bug fix: locking when going to background by @myxmaster in #1480Version bump: v0.7.6 by @kaloudis in #1493

New Contributors

@myxmaster made their first contribution in #1455

Full Changelog: v0.7.5…v0.7.6

GitHub Repo

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