ZEBEDEE Opens Its API, SDK & API Dev Playground

“Our plug-and-play API + SDK now available through a subscription model.”Start for free or opt for an advanced option with larger transaction, volume and product count limits.””Pick from a range of tiers designed to cater to developers of any size.””Tap into a payments system with proven results across gaming, FinTech, AdTech and social.”ZEBEDEE API subscription tiers. See more at: https://zebedee.io/pricing

Per ZEBEDEE, subscribers will get access to:

“Robust APIs. Offers easy-to-integrate endpoints for sending and receiving Bitcoin instantaneously, enabling meaningful economic interactions for users through digital currency transactions.”“Developer Dashboard. Provides a comprehensive command center for managing integrations, making it accessible to a wide range of users, from global payment providers to Bitcoin enthusiasts.”“Developer Resources. Ensures developer success by offering additional valuable resources that include courses, tutorials, guides and a sandbox environment that makes development simpler for all.”“Lightning Network-powered Infrastructure. Leverages the power of Bitcoin’s Lightning Network to enable fast, secure and frictionless payments of any size at extremely low fees, removing the regulatory and technical challenges typically associated with payment infrastructure.”

The company’s co-founder and CTO André Neves also took to Twitter to announce Node.js SDK for the ZEBEDEE API.

⚡️@zebedeeio Release Day 🚨

Today we’re announcing the Node.js SDK for the ZEBEDEE API! Bring instant global #Bitcoin payments to the fabric of your digital experience 💥

`npm i @zbd/node`

Move Money at the Speed of the Internet 🫡https://t.co/pq3GzcVulr

— André Neves (@andreneves) May 15, 2023

“The SDK is open source and available in our GitHub today.”

Soon after that, the CTO also announced the release of the ZEBEDEE API Dev Playground – a starter kit for developers looking to build fullstack web applications with ZEBEDEE.

⚡️@zebedeeio Release Day 🚨

Today we’re announcing the ZEBEDEE API Dev Playground! Test and integrate our #Bitcoin Payments API directly in your browser🫡https://t.co/4WPKq91kvu

— André Neves (@andreneves) May 15, 2023

“The ZEBEDEE API Dev Playground is built entirely on top of the ZEBEDEE Node.js SDK, making it a valuable resource for live production source code examples,” Neves said.

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