Zapworthy: Nostr Highlights

“I started working on Zapworthy basically immediately after reading @dergigi‘s excellent Purple Text. Orange Highlights, and was fascinated by the idea of using Nostr to create a new method to improve the current tooling around reading and discovering new valuable content.”Click to the image to interact with a live example of the embed.”The quote itself, the highlight, it’s a nostr event itself.”“That means you can interact with it, just like with any other nostr event; you can reference it. You can repost it. You can like it.”“When you zap a highlight, the whole chain of events, nostr and life events, are rewarded for bringing the valuable words you are zapping, to you.””Author, publisher, curator, broadcaster. Everyone that contributed to you reading these words, receives a share of the splits.”

There are a few different ways of interacting with Zapworthy.

Web.You can use the web interface to load an article and highlight directly from the web.”Browser Extension.You can install a browser extension to highlight and categorize the zapworthy content you randomly find.”@zapworthy bot.You can tag the @zapworthy bot with a URL you would like to be converted into a NIP-23 long-form post; so that you can use the embedded highlighter in this site. The bot will reply with a URL for you to use.”

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