Zap Android Wallet Forked and Rebranded To BitBanana

“The main reason for the change was to provide clarity. Zap Android was just one implementation of the Zap family, which consists of Zap Android, Zap iOS and Zap Desktop.””All three implementations are based on their own code base and are each developed and maintained by different developers. The features that these implementations offer are also not identical.””While I enjoyed working with the Zap team arround Jack Mallers, they are by now fully focusing on Strike.””Since I want to continue what I started with Zap Android, it’s time to do it under my own name. They did no longer take an active part in decisions for quite a while and therefore should not be associated with the outcome.”

What’s new

“Really not much. The whole git history is retained and the same developer is maintaining it. The fork happened at tag v0.5.9-beta.””You can even use the Backup/Restore functionality to easily migrate from Zap Android to BitBanana while keeping your contacts and connected nodes.”


The Name.The Logo.Slight color adjustments.Community management. BitBanana now has its own discord channel.Translations are now done with weblate.The “beta” status is ended and the app can now be normally rated an reviewed in the app store.Lots of new features in intial release (Taproot, Channel summary, closed channels, sign/verify, … ).Over time more differences will occur as BitBanana is actively maintained and will receive new features.

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