Wavlake: Value for Value Music with Lightning

“As a listener, instead of paying a subscription to a streaming platform, you send bitcoin micro-payments (Boosts) directly to artists as you listen to their music.””These optional payments can be small amounts, even fractions of a cent, which add up over time and as more fans listen.””The transactions are facilitated by the Lightning Network, which makes them quick and low-cost.””This way, artists can get paid directly and instantly every time a listener sends a payment, and the amount they receive is directly proportional to how much their music is boosted.””Users, including both artists and listeners, can easily create an account on Wavlake.com.””Artists can upload their music tracks via Studio, which has a built-in Lightning wallet.””Listeners can set up a payment method using a Lightning Network compatible wallet, such as Cash App, or Strike, to fund their account with Bitcoin.””Spread the word to your friends and fans, and join us now in this exciting new movement for artists.”

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