Wasabi Wallet v2.0.2.1: Fee Savings for Large Amounts, Better Mac Performance, and More

It is now possible to coinjoin up to 43000 bitcoin in one input. Coinjoin coin selection is improved for whales, giving greater privacy at a lower cost. The “discrete mode” feature reveals the hidden information by hovering your mouse over the hidden items. The coordinator now pays for the coinjoin transaction overhead cost. You can also view transaction details by double clicking the history table. Other improvements include an upgrade to Tor v0.4.7.11, which resolves some issues on MacOS, and upgrading to .NET 7. This update also includes numerous bug fixes and minor improvements. If you manually set a custom backend URI values by modifying your config file, set them again after the first run of this version.Earlier this year, Wasabi Wallet announced that they send all coinjoin input transactions to a chain surveillance partner. Bitcoin tied to ‘criminals’ will be blacklisted.

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