umbrelOS v0.5.4: Completely Reimagined App Store

“This update introduces a completely reimagined App Store, crafted to provide a sleek and intuitive experience as you discover the latest self-hosted apps for your Umbrel.””The new Migration Assistant feature enables seamless transfer of data and apps from a Raspberry Pi-based Umbrel to the new Umbrel Home in one click.””Complementing these enhancements are various performance improvements, bug fixes, and subtle refinements, such as the option to update your display name directly from the settings.”


umbrelOS 0.5.4 (d299a7a) @lukechildsUpdate to dashboard 0.5.4 (4fd68cf) @lukechildsincrease margin on migration logo (c7574b2) @nmfretzUpdate migration assistant wording (016e7db) @mayankchhabraFix grammar (3043de7) @lukechildsUpdate logo (3e573a8) @mayankchhabraTweak migration error wording (3581215) @lukechildsWording tweaks (e7ec98f) @mayankchhabraAdd badge to apps optimized for Umbrel Home (3394747) @mayankchhabraUpdate to manager 0.5.4 (8c842b3) @lukechildsImprove release CI (f5b299d) @lukechildsFix updates button and drop down menu (c6e6482) @mayankchhabraUpdate categories in app store (60fcca7) @mayankchhabraWrap up app store redesign (c232efa) @mayankchhabra @nmfretz @lukechildsShow 16GB total RAM for Umbrel Home (7567472) @mayankchhabraUpdate favicons (5bfc857) @mayankchhabraShow app download progress in migration (7525175) @lukechildsMigration assistant updates (622617b) @lukechilds @nmfretzMake sure umbreld OTA update is atomic (27d2b2d) @lukechildsFix install script (f33ffd8) @lukechildsRestore image cleanup logic from previous update (cfc5a9b) @lukechildsOnly update Umbrel if migrations suceed (3d7e398) @lukechildsUpdate info.json during update (8d5b01b) @lukechildsUpdate umbreld in OTA update (8d9ce79) @lukechildsAdd umbreld to install script (a52c9d1) @lukechildsUpdate CI (e454e78) @lukechildsAdd hot reload to manager in dev env (cba3a56) @mayankchhabraDelete nohup.out (f3dba58) @lukechildsDelete old CI workflows (a0b284b) @lukechildsDon’t preserve new Umbrel password after migration (bec4ec9) @lukechildsShow 100% on migration completion (4f36529) @lukechildsImprove dev setup (e407909) @lukechildsFixes disappeared app suggestions from home on fresh install (bd80c23) @mayankchhabraImprove recovery script (63e41f1) @lukechildsAlways run migrations (668e1ba) @lukechildsMove jwt keys to seperate dir so they survive migration (3bc641f) @lukechildsFix umbreld url (054f803) @lukechildsFinish dev integration (08f6aaa) @lukechildsAdd dashboard as package (b5832a7) @lukechildsCopy dev files during update (431e2c9) @lukechildsOnly run power button migration if it hasn’t already run (3e39d37) @lukechildsRetry update network manager (5a140a8) @lukechildsUmbrel Home hardware reset (fb4b8d1) @lukechildsDon’t nuke jwt on every startup (bd330d7) @lukechildsAdd development mode (4d668dd) @lukechildsDon’t enforce min length check on old password when updating (a970587) @lukechildsAdd manager as package (4429207) @lukechildsEnsure umbreld doesn’t get unintentionally nuked by start script (cfb93a3) @lukechildsMigrate Umbrel Home installs to using dhclient for DHCP (7db3f02) @lukechildsBump JWT lifetime to 1 week (dc2468d) @lukechildsAdd umbreld scaffolding and implement migration assistant (0e27aff) @lukechildsUpdate (cf22afa) @mayankchhabrareplace final message at end of debug script (60b971c) @louneskmt @nmfretzfix minor spelling error (f60bebe) @nmfretzupdate app info in readme (597a19d) @nmfretzremove bitcoin network echo (887a412) @nmfretzFix spelling (d94d02d) @deverickapolloDelete old locks inside .git for local app repos (d7c9f4d) @nevets963chown local app repo when using repo checkout (84c29bc) @nevets963During app update, copy remaining app files before the app is started (73f99fa) @nevets963Set default logging config for Docker daemon (a023b3d) @nevets963Handle downstream WS/HTTP errors individually (36169fe) @nevets963Safe app exports (dcd7fb7) @nevets963

Full changelog: v0.5.3…0.5.4

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