U.S. Recovers Over $30 Million in Cryptocurrency Stolen by North Korean Hackers

Sum is only a fraction of hundreds of millions siphoned in breach of ‘Axie Infinity’ online videogame this year.Sky Mavis Ltd., publisher of the game “Axie Infinity,” said in March that hackers had infiltrated part of its Ronin Network. The infiltrators gained access to accounts holding cryptocurrencies and drained 173,600 ether and 25.5 million of the stablecoin USDC. The assets were worth about $540 million on the date of the theft.Funds are about a 10th of the sum stolen in the March attack, which was the second-largest crypto hack on record at the time.Sky Mavis said then it was working with Chainalysis, which often supports U.S. law enforcement investigations, to track the stolen funds. The firm said it traced the stolen funds to points where the thieves attempted to convert it to fiat currency, and there law enforcement and partners in the cryptocurrency industry were able to freeze the money.The recovered cryptocurrency includes about $5.8 million seized by Binance, a major cryptocurrency exchange, in April, as well as several other seizures at different exchanges, Chainalysis said. The firm didn’t identify the other exchanges, but said the FBI was involved in all of the cases.

archive: https://archive.ph/6AW8L

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