Twentyone.World: A Blueprint for Localized Bitcoin Communities

“The purpose of is to open-source the concept, provide an actionable blueprint to help bitcoiners launch their own communities, and connect said communities to learn from each other.”The concept originated in the German Bitcoin community, and already has existing Albanian, Serbian, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, and Turkish forks.


Find another bitcoiner
Don’t try to do it alone.Fork the name (optional)
Translate “twentyone” into your local language.Fork the logo (optional)
Feel free to be creative!Create a beacon
A podcast is easiest and works best.Create a group
Telegram works well, but any place where people can meet and exchange ideas works.Translate content
We have a list of articles to get you started.Be consistent
This is key. Whatever you do, stick with it for at least 21 weeks.

“It might help to watch the last 10 minutes of this video, which explains the blueprint in more detail.”

Full Blueprint / Archive
GitHub Repo

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