Tornado Cash Developer Alexey Pertsev to Remain in Jail Until at Least Late February: Held Without Charges Since August

Tornado Cash is an Ethereum privacy tool.Alexey Perstev has been ordered to stay in jail until Feb. 20 after a Netherlands court found the Tornado Cash developer represented a flight risk.He has been held in detention since August, days after the U.S. Treasury used sanction powers against the Tornado protocol.The hearing saw the Dutch public prosecutor announce money laundering charges for the first time. The prosecutor had said little more about the case than a press release, but now accused Pertsev of facilitating the processing of dirty money by writing the Tornado Cash code.The Dutch public prosecutor brushed aside arguments that Tornado Cash was a decentralized protocol which Pertsev was powerless to control, claiming that it was in fact one and the same as PepperSec, a company for which Pertsev worked alongside fellow developers Roman Semenov and Roman Storm.

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