Tor Project Releases Annual Financial Statements

Every year, as required by U.S. federal law for 501(c)(3) nonprofits, the Tor Project completes a Form 990, and as required by contractual obligations and state regulations, an independent audit of our financial statements. After completing standard audits for 2020-2021,* our federal tax filings (Form 990) and audited financial statements are both now available. We upload all of our tax documents and publish a blog post about these documents in order to be transparent.Transparency for a privacy project is not a contradiction: privacy is about choice, and we choose to be transparent in order to build trust and a stronger community. In this post, we aim to be very clear about where the Tor Project’s money comes from and what we do with it.During this fiscal year, about 38% of our revenue came from U.S. government funds. This is 15% down from the previous fiscal year, and in line with our long-term goal to diversify our funding in order to rely less on one single source.

Breakdown of US Gov Funding:

U.S. State Department Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor ($1,532,843)National Science Foundation + Georgetown University ($224,617)Institute of Museum and Library Science + New York University ($96,569)Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency + Georgetown University ($570,497)U.S. Small Business Administration ($384,303)National Institutes of Health + University of Pittsburgh ($20,421)

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