Tether Invests in Energy Production and Sustainable Bitcoin Mining in Uruguay

“Tether is investing in renewable energy sources to support and promote sustainable Bitcoin mining – an essential component in upholding the world’s most robust and secure monetary network.””To accomplish this ambitious objective, Tether is actively seeking to augment its team by recruiting experts in the energy sector.””By harnessing the power of Bitcoin and Uruguay’s renewable energy capabilities, Tether is leading the way in sustainable and responsible Bitcoin mining,” stated Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether.”Uruguay has emerged as a global leader in renewable energy, achieving a remarkable 94% of electricity generation from renewable sources, predominantly wind and solar power.””Blessed with abundant natural resources, Uruguay offers ideal conditions for the production of renewable energy, facilitating the establishment of wind farms, solar parks, and hydropower projects, guaranteeing a consistent supply of clean and environmentally friendly energy,” states the press release.

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