TBD C= Upgrade Provides More Liquidity to Lightning Network Users

The Lightning Network service provider, TBD has introduced a major upgrade with its latest maneuver. The C= upgrade is designed to improve usability and functionality for developers. The system is packed with new features and improvements that are sure to make it easier for Lightning Network wallet users, businesses, and node operators.

C= A Significant Upgrade in Performance

This upgrade improves the performance of the Lighting Network in multiple ways. One of the key factors that the upgrade seeks to eliminate is transaction failures due to liquidity shorts. The Lightning Network leverages personal payment channels to reduce congestion on Bitcoin’s main chain. Part of this strategy requires these channels to be funded by at least one of the parties.

TBD Introduces C= Upgrade

In the past, this requirement has led to new users’ confusion and other delays. There have also been complaints about funding the channel, what party is responsible for funding it, and how to enable third parties to take over this role. These issues plagued early LN users and have slowly been getting worked out over the last two years.

Block is Ready to put its Crypto to Good Use

The newest upgrade will improve liquidity by injecting more BTC from Block’s treasury. Block has long had Bitcoin reserves that the firm now intends to put to good use improving Lightning Network transaction flow through. The funding will go towards channels that will help users find easy ways to make transactions without delay.

Also, the upgrade makes it possible to integrate these services using a powerful API. APIs are the easiest way for software to communicate in a secure manner. They are often used to connect crypto service provider features such as portfolio management interfaces and more. The TBD API will improve integration while streamlining node upgrades.

C= Faster and Cheaper

One of the main advantages of the latest upgrade is that the Lighting Network transactions are now even faster and cost less. In comparison, it only costs a fraction of the cost of using the Bitcoin mainnet. Now, any network participants running a Lightning node can improve their model and efficiency. Best of all, the upgrade is straightforward and requires minimal effort for network nodes to integrate.

Valuable Connections

Part of the TBD strategy seeks to improve LN connectivity via more efficient routing services. This feature brings a host of tools to help LN users and developers speed up transaction routing without the need to use third-party custody services. Non-custodial options are always the best way to go because you are never separated from your crypto.


The latest upgrade comes from TBD which was a division of the well-known Block platform. Block was formerly called Square before a rebranding that took place in 2022. The rebrand helped put the firm more in line with its goals to increase crypto adoption and daily use.  Notably, Block is led by a crypto star, ex-Twitter CEO, and influencer Jack Dorsey.

The Lightning Network Gets More Liquid

Block has taken the initiative with its latest upgrade. The Lightning Network is in more demand than ever and new users want a streamlined way to save on Bitcoin transactions. The TBD C= upgrade provides these services and leaves room for future upgradability. As such, you can expect users to embrace TBDs offerings moving forward.

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