Swap Service: An Orderbook For Performing Submarine Swaps Over Nostr

“Submarine swaps can’t be a profitable way for plebs to monetize their bitcoin holdings unless there are simple tools for offering them for a fee. Swap service tries to be an easy tool for anyone to do that.””They allow lightning users to swap funds on lightning for funds on the base layer, or vice versa, without needing to open and close channels, and without needing to give custody of their money to other people.””They also allow easier channel rebalancing and they are also the basis for important wallets and services like muun, lightning loop, and boltz exchange.”

Demo video:

Go here for mainnnet: https://supertestnet.github.io/swap-service/Or here for testnet: https://supertestnet.github.io/swap-service/testnet.html

Instructions for yield chasers:

“Anyone who runs an LND lightning node can run swap service on their computer and hook it up to their node. This makes them a yield chaser.””As a yield chaser, you can set a few parameters like how many sats you are willing to swap, how much you have on the base layer, how much you have on lightning, and what fee you’ll charge for swaps.””Click here if you have a lightning node and want to use this tool to earn some money and accrue yield on your bitcoin.”

GitHub Repo

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