Summer of Bitcoin 2023 Received 10357 Student Applications From 74 Countries

“Over the last few weeks, 24 open-source bitcoin and lightning organizations, comprising of 40 mentors, evaluated several applicants and their project proposals to select this year’s new cohort of Summer of Bitcoin contributors.””Here are some notable results from this year’s application process:

– 10357 applicants from 74 countries.
– 2694 applicants passed the screening round.
– 786 proposals submitted.
– 45 contributors from 8 countries accepted.” “Out of the 45 contributors accepted, 3 contributors will contribute as UX designers, and 42 contributors will contribute code as developers.””Like the previous year, the highest number of accepted contributors are from India.””Details of the accepted contributors including their project proposals have been published at Summer of Bitcoin 2023 Accepted Projects.””For the students who could not make it, we would like to point you to our student guide, which has suggestions on what to do if you weren’t selected for this year’s program. It also has a chapter on Getting started with an organization and project which is helpful whether you would like to connect now with projects on your own or decide to apply to Summer of Bitcoin in the future.”

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