Stripe Is Deplatforming Users For Selling Bitcoin Hardware

“Stripe is blackmailing me to stop selling Bitcoin mining hardware,” wrote Rob of on X. He also shared a screenshot of his correspondence with the company:According to Stripe’s Terms of Service, selling Bitcoin mining equipment is in its prohibited and restricted business list.“We understand that your business may be legal, but for now, due to various reasons, including requirements that apply to Stripe as a payment processor, requirements from our financial partners, and the potential risk exposure to Stripe, we’re currently not able to work with certain industries.””Belgian customers can’t pay with Bancontact anymore, Belgiums most used payment gateway. Also the WooPayments Bancontact gateway is “rejected”, coincidence? Will contact & follow up,” said BitSaga’s founder.”I do run a @BtcpayServer of course, but for adopting precoiners I still need some fiat gateway. It needs to be there, for now,” he added.

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