Strike Launches ‘Sending API’: Businesses Can Easily Use the Lightning Network for Payments

The @Strike Sending API Documentation is now public!

Businesses and developers can now use the Strike API to send US Dollars over the Lightning Network

Cheaper, faster, global, superior payment experiences on the world’s open monetary network#Bitcoin

— Jack Mallers (@jackmallers) February 14, 2023

Sending a payment via the Strike API begins with obtaining a Lightning invoice. A Lightning invoice is a unique alphanumeric code that acts as a request for payment, and includes an amount to be paid in bitcoin and the destination of the payment.Once a Lightning invoice has been received, a quote must be generated. The quote specifies the dollar cost of paying the Lightning invoice’s bitcoin amount, and therefore offers a temporary conversion rate between dollars and bitcoin. Both the Lightning invoice and the quote have expiration times.To send a payment, simply execute the quote. When the quote is executed, dollars are sent from the sender’s cash balance, converted into bitcoin, routed through the Lightning Network, and delivered to the recipient.


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