Strike Goes Global, Expands to 65 Countries to Reach 3 Billion People

Strike acquired a license in El Salvador via its new local entity E4, which will serve as the company’s headquarters for global expansion.”I’ve been working with Salvadorian regulators, with The Bitcoin Office there, and they’ve been building a framework, and a licensing structure for Bitcoin companies that want to serve billions of people, and want to take it further than just a country and legal tender, and actually give people more hope despite the Sam Bankman-Frieds, despite the Federal Reserve, spread the Lightning Network and Bitcoin further and farther than ever.”The company also introduced improved version of its app, which includes new features such as Lightning Address and Nostr integration, and a total UX overhaul.”Strike gives you a functionality to actually save in bitcoin, use cash over Lightning, use this open monetary network.”Strike’s wallet offers BTC and cash balances, as well as global P2P cash and bitcoin payments.

Jack Mallers announced that as of today, @Strike is now available to these countries:

(sorry for the low res graphic, it was like that in the original broadcast)

— Pledditor (@Pledditor) May 19, 2023


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