Strike Announces Clover Point of Sale Beta Program: First Merchant Onboarded

Clover is a popular payment processing service used by restaurants and other businesses.They offer businesses the ability to easily accept a wide variety of payments using either their existing mobile devices or dedicated Clover point of sale terminals.There is now beta access for Clover merchants to enable lightning support using Strike Commerce. Merchants must email to apply.Now that one merchant has begun testing it, the app enters a 90 day testing period. After that period any merchant will be able to simply download the app on their Clover devices to start accepting lightning payments.


Lightning is live with Clover.

Strike is officially an integrated partner of the payments giant @Fiserv and we’ve launched our public pilot with @CloverCommerce point-of-sale terminals!

Clover merchants can now accept cheaper, faster, cash-final USD over Lightning.


— Jack Mallers (@jackmallers) January 26, 2023

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