Stratum v2 Reference Implementation (SRI) Update Is Out

“The new update allows miners to select transactions via a new sub-protocol and their node. This is a major milestone in democratizing transaction selections in pooled mining and decentralizing bitcoin!””We’re inviting miners, pools, firmware makers, and the community to check out our getting started guide and pilot test the software locally, with CPU or actual mining devices. Your feedback will have a high impact on the development direction.””A Job Negotiator, in combination with a template provider, gives the responsibility back to miners or an independent third party to provide a new template (select transactions), thereby making bitcoin pool infrastructure more decentralized.””With the next update, we will add a fallback functionality that would allow miners to fall back to a different pool or solo mine in case the pool chooses not to accept their suggestion. Miners would, in that case, disconnect and fall back. In addition, we will add ways for pools to spot-check the validity of blocks and a few other improvements, like enhancing the encryption and ensuring we’re following the latest changes in the spec.”

Full Announcement

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