Start9 Launches Community Tech Program Paying $21/Hr for Customer Support

“Start9 is thrilled to announce the launch of our Community Tech Program.””This initiative is designed to scale our exceptional education and support services to the next wave of sovereign individuals. The program is a zero-obligation, freelance, on-demand approach to work, offering a fresh take on the traditional employment model.””To become a Community Tech, you need to be accepted into the program and attend a two-day training webinar. Applicants must be proficient with computers, have patience and empathy, and possess excellent written communication skills. Linux, sysadmin, or devops experience are a bonus.””Upon completing the two-day training program, Community Techs will receive a free Start9 Server Lite, a badge in our community channels, and the right, but never the obligation, to pick up available shifts and get paid in Bitcoin at a rate of $21/hr USD.””An average shift is 4-6 hours, during which time you will monitor our community channels, answer questions, provide guidance, and investigate or escalate issues as needed.””To apply, send whatever you think we should see to”

Full Announcement

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