Spiral Adds, Renews Developer Grants, Counts At Least 6000 Developers Building with LDK

Spiral announced new grantee, John Moffett, for his contributions to Bitcoin Core, as well as his Bitcoin Development Plan proposal.

New grantee. John Moffett’s Bitcoin Core work makes him an obvious addition to our roster, but it’s not why he got a grant. No, John got a grant because the fortune teller near our office fell into a trance during a tarot reading and has just been repeating his name ever since.

— Spiral (@spiralbtc) May 18, 2023

Spiral also renewed its grant for Bitcoin Zavior, who works on Lightning Dev Kit (LDK) and Bitcoin Dev Kit (BDK), and is currently focused on developing Flutter and React Native for BDK.

Grant renewal. @BitcoinZavior works on LDK and BDK, projects you’ve heard of if you’ve followed us for even a day. Importantly, his work now has him developing Flutter and React Native for BDK.

Former: https://t.co/ULcexMezCY
Latter: https://t.co/O0cAARDVL2

Have at ‘em.

— Spiral (@spiralbtc) May 17, 2023

According to Spiral, there are no less 6000 developers currently building Lightning Wallets and apps with LDK. A list of projects using LDK in their products can be found in a recently published “Bitcoin applications building with LDK” page.

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