Sparrow Wallet v1.7.5: Border Wallets Number Grid Support

Important for Border Wallets users:

“This is bug fix release which ensures the order of cell selection is preserved when choosing words from a Border Wallets grid.””To recreate Border Wallets seeds created with v1.7.4 using grid selection, select the cells using a left to right, top to bottom approach.””For all Border Wallets seeds created using v1.7.5 onwards, the order of cell selection in the grid is important as it determines the order of the words in your seed.”

What’s new

Add Border Wallets number grid supportAlways show Tapsigner in airgapped import optionsImprove error message when Bitcoin Core wallet support is disabledUpdate Specter Desktop wallet importBug fix: Preserve the order of cell selection in a Border Wallets gridBug fix: Support broadcasting via when using signet

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