Sparrow Wallet v1.7.4: Border Wallets For Memorizable Seeds

Generate or load Border Wallets grids to enter memorizable seeds (@microchad)Update Tor to v0.4.7.13 using the kmp-tor library (@05nelsonm)Darker dark theme and other styling improvementsSigned Windows installer binaryAutosuggest all possible words for the last word when entering a BIP39 seedAdd public mainnet Electrum server (@openoms)Use the Whirlpool premix priority slider to change mixFeeTarget (the additional fee amount added to premix UTXOs)Display a warning if the chosen mixFeeTarget fee rate is much lower than that of normal priorityChange the wallet gap limit and subscribe to new addresses if an address beyond the gap limit range is requestedSupport saving a Tapsigner backup as binary fileShow PSBT QRs more compactly (without non-witness-utxo entries) for all multisig segwit signing walletsUse different addresses when sending batched payments to the same PayNymAdd context menu to amount cells to copy values (@wazint)Read name from ur:crypto-hdkey and set keystore label if presentBug fix: Fix issue configuring a block explorer with a port and pathBug fix: Handle empty (0 block only) chains in CormorantBug fix: Fix NPE initializing Whirlpool on new wallet without a passphraseBug fix: Fix accidentally making keystore fields editable on loading of single account non-watchonly walletsBug fix: Allow a Stowaway counterparty to spend Postmix UTXOs (but receive to the master wallet)

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