Sparrow Wallet v1.7.3: Bitcoin Secure Multisig Setup and More

Implement Bitcoin Secure Multisig Setup (BSMS) for keystore export and wallet import/exportConfigure a block explorer URL in General Preferences to enable opening a transaction in the browserWarn and request user confirmation before enabling use of a BIP39 passphraseUpgrade to HWI 2.2.1 to fix signing of segwit multisig transactions on TrezorAdd output descriptor QR scanning from the Wallet Import dialogImprove UX of BIP39 wallet discovery on Bitcoin CoreDisplay UTF8 strings encoded into scripts in transaction viewer (displays OP_RETURN text)Recompile secp256k1 on MacOS 10.13.6 to support legacy hardwareShow HWI signature verification errorsRead and throw HWI error stream if stdout emptyUse default ports for Bitcoin Core if absentAvoid using zst compression on .deb packagesAdd minfeerate parameter to BIP78 payjoin URLsExtend request timeout to 120 seconds for the PayNym APISupport converting xprvs in output descriptors to xpubsUpgrade jlink plugin to support Java 19Add StartupWMClass to linux .desktop file to avoid temporary icon (@secondl1ght)Switch bitcoind client from named to array parameters to support btc-rpc-proxy with CormorantBug fix: Only use configured proxy when connecting to onion addresses with CormorantBug fix: Fix UX when changing the port for an aliased serverBug fix: Fix Taproot signature hashing for single|anyonecanpay sighash flagsBug fix: Fix error when receiving a Stowaway to a Postmix account by reverting to receiving to the master walletBug fix: Add lock menu item to all wallets with a password on Terminal, not just hot walletsBug fix: Fix keystore encryption issue when changing the password on a wallet with freshly added accountsBug fix: Improve BIP47 payment address secret point validation (@SamouraiDev)

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