Sparrow Wallet v1.7.2: Taproot support on Bitcoin Core and More

Add Taproot support on Bitcoin Core using the new Cormorant library utilizing descriptor wallets (requires Bitcoin Core v24 or later)Show a Lifehash for the wallet’s master fingerprint in the Settings tab and Passphrase dialogImplement BIP329 for importing and exporting wallet labels (Wallet Import and Export dialogs)Add full support for Tapsigner as a hardware wallet (initialize, import, backup, change pin, message and transaction signing)Add support for sending to, sweeping and re-initialized a Satscard (Send tab Pay to dropdown and Tools > Sweep Private Key)Upgrade to HWI 2.2.0 (@achow101)Add support for entering empty passphrases on Trezor OneAdd Jade multisig export to wallet Export dialogAdd support for private key sweeping using Bitcoin Core with Cormorant (requires Bitcoin Core v24 or later)Add https protocol to support Bitcoin Core connections over TLSAdd note on disabling derivation path validation to keystore help tooltipAvoid copying wallet history unnecessarily on wallet loadExport 8 decimal places when exporting a CSV in BTC unitsAdd config property autoSwitchProxy to disable automatic proxy switching on failureImprove Tor connection failure messages with help textIndicate in the SSL handshake warning that a certificate renewal may be the causePrefer loading data for transaction tabs from existing wallet transactionsAllow expired certificates for electrum servers so long as they have been previously used or explicitly approvedWrite and parse both multipath and single descriptors in wallet output descriptor exportAdd transaction fee column to transactions CSV for outgoing (spending) transactionsImprove display of JSON-RPC error exceptionsAdd block height to Terminal connected labelUpdate menu categories for Linux desktop installationImprove legacy Bitcoin Core wallet error messagesSet initial focus to done button on Terminal server test dialogAvoid triggering all history changed event on unconfident script hash status calculationsUpdate dependencies for guava, simple-json-rpc, junit and dependantsUpgrade Gradle to 7.6 for Java 19 supportBug fix: Fix Sparrow export wallet file extension to be always .mv.dbBug fix: Fix cancelling Create Wallet in TerminalBug fix: Allow message sign/verify from nested segwit walletsBug fix: Fix edge case when loading wallets with matching tx inputs and outputsBug fix: Fix persistence of renaming and deleting newly created wallet accountsBug fix: Ensure focus remains on table after editing a label cellBug fix: Add merge function for wallet transaction entry edge caseBug fix: Fix address context menu action Copy Output Script Bytes to return entire ScriptPubKeyBug fix: Disable server toggle when no server is configured (URL host is empty)

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