Sparrow Wallet v1.7.0: Sparrow Terminal, Raspi 64-bit OS Support, RBF “Transaction Cancel” Support, and More

Sparrow Terminal is a stripped down version of Sparrow that can be run on systems without displays (like servers). As the name suggests, it uses a text-only interface to show the wallet UI, much like Vim or Nano for text editing.Internally, Sparrow Terminal leverages the tried and tested Sparrow codebase. The interface is designed to mimic Sparrow Desktop as closely as possible to make it easier to navigate.In this release it contains everything needed to create and load hot and watch-only wallets, view their transactions, addresses, UTXOs and balances, and perform configuration of wallets (and Sparrow) in a familiar interface.There are many other features in this release, including the ability to assign aliases to server configurations to hide their URLs, and to switch between them using the Tools menu.

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