Sparrow v1.7.7: High Fee Environment Improvements & More

Sparrow v1.7.7 has been released with:

Improved mempool fee rates chart.Multiple improvements for a high fee environment.Performance optimizations for large wallets.Better usability on @BorderWallets grids.

What’s new

“The mempool fee rates histogram on the Send tab has been revamped in this version, featuring finer granularity and the same color scheme used by @mempool. Clicking on the chart expands it, and offers a 24h view.””There are a number of other improvements related to transacting in a high fee environment, such as better error messages when broadcasting with an insufficient fee, and adding additional inputs to an RBF transaction if needed as the required fee is increased.””This release has several optimizations, including much improved performance on very large wallets with high address reuse, and a lighter load on low powered nodes when connected to Bitcoin Core.””The @BorderWallets grid UX has been improved to display the order of word selection and disallow simultaneous multiple selection. There is better @TAPSIGNER support too with the ability to import custom derivation paths and easier backup.””QR scanning is improved with support for inverted QRs and other formats.””There are many further enhancements too – see the release notes for details.”

Release notes

Improve the mempool fee rates chart to reflect finer granularity and offer an expanded display on clickAdd a 24h toggle to expanded mempool fee rates chartAdd additional inputs to an RBF transaction if needed as required fee is increasedDisplay the order of word selection on a Border Wallets gridAvoid simultaneous multiple selection on a Border Wallets gridClarify recovery phrase purpose on Border Wallets PDFSupport spendable property on UTXOs in BIP329 wallet label imports and exportsImprove the error message when broadcasting an RBF transaction with insufficient fee, and indicate the minimum required fee if availableImprove error message on broadcasting a transaction with a fee rate below the purge rate for the connected node mempoolAdd Ctrl/Cmd+B keyboard shortcut for quickly switching the bitcoin unit from BTC to sats and backWhen scanning, invert cropped frame and scan for inverted QRsSupport scanning text QR containing seed wordsUpdate to hummingbird v1.6.7 to support pair (<0;1>) path components and unique part progress indicatorSupport compact SeedQRs with high error correctionTrim leading and trailing whitespace from Pay to address field in the Send tabLook for supported cards across all connected card terminalsSupport airgapped keystore import of a Tapsigner with a custom derivation pathAdd a separate button to backup Tapsigner without changing the PINEnsure canonical ordering of key expressions in multisig descriptor QRsImprove performance on large wallets with high address reuseOptimize fetching mempool entries for fee rate histogram when connected to Bitcoin CoreContinue with transaction parsing if pushdata opcode is found with invalid data lengthAdd context menu options to Date column in UTXOs table to freeze UTXO and view transactionRemove path from non-batched Electrum server request idsHighlight CSV download buttonsUpdate kmp-tor to v1.4.3Bug fix: Fix export to Specter Desktop without any wallet historyBug fix: Set all witness UTXOs on PSBT inputs before attempting to sign a sweep private key Taproot transactionBug fix: Fix reading of compact size int as unsigned short when parsing PSBTsBug fix: Fix unit format switching on Send tabBug fix: Fix UI button update when stopping mixing on Terminal

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