Snort v0.1.5: Rebuilt Subscription Management

Short Summary

Completely rebuilt “core” subscription management systemOption to rewrite Twitter links to Nitter linksTarui app setup, Mac/Windows/Linux desktop apps (coming soon)OpenGraph tagging for profiles and events (Only for nostr: link parsingGlobal tab full relay names

What’s Changed

nostr package: add direct messages by @sistemd in #399New Crowdin updates by @v0l in #445Display search property alongside host in relay name by @h3y6e in #452Shorten long relay name by @h3y6e in #455Nostr links by @v0l in #461nostr package: vastly simplify the API by @sistemd in #412New Crowdin updates by @v0l in #453Fix: invisible text in dark theme by @jiftechnify in #454add setting for rewriting twitter links to nitter by @w3irdrobot in #459RequestBuilder / Core Refactor by @v0l in #326Tauri setup by @v0l in #462Prevents adding ws relay when over https by @ivanacostarubio in #463New Crowdin updates by @v0l in #465OpenGraph tag injection by @v0l in #470

New Contributors

@jiftechnify made their first contribution in #454

Full Changelog: v0.1.4…v0.1.5

GitHub Repo

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