Snort v0.1.10: Gossip Model, NPM Package

“Just deployed a massive change to Snort which I’ve been working on for about 5 weeks now.””It’s called “gossip model”, this makes Snort more resistant to censorship by connecting to the relays that your follows use.””This means that Snort will also distribute load across multiple relays instead of always querying your own relay list.””This is better for relays and better for nostr as a whole because it allows small communities to co-exist without the need for shared relay sets or without you needing to add those community specific relays to your relay list!””I also have created an NPM package which will allow anybody to build Nostr apps with Snort’s internal nostr code, including the “gossip” model, check it out here.””Please be aware that there are NO DOCS, keep an eye out and I should be able to create some example code in the coming weeks!”

What’s new


– Gossip model, query follows write relays for events.
– @snort/system NPM package containing Snort core nostr code.
– NIP-44 Encryption scheme support.
– NIP-59 Gift Wrap support


– Unmarked thread events replies out of order.

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