Second Critical LND Bug in Less Than a Month Causes LND Nodes to Fall Out of Sync with Chain Again

Only impacts LND nodes, other lightning implementations are still in sync.LND team is working on a fix that should be released shortly.Nodes can still make and route payments, but are not aware of current chain state until updated.Nodes that do not update will be vulnerable to malicious channel closes by peers they have channels with once their channel timelocks expire.The default timelock is two weeks.Bug was triggered by same dev that triggered the last sync issue.Message in transaction said: “you’ll run cln. and you’ll be happy.”Some versions of electrs seem to be impacted as well.Anthony Towns claims he disclosed this bug to LND devs two weeks ago.

LND Github
BTCD Github
Electrs Github
Relevant Transaction
Tweet by Burak After he Triggered the Bug

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