Satellite CDN: Scalable Media Hosting For The Nostr Ecosystem

“Announcing Satellite CDN: Scalable media hosting for the nostr ecosystem!””I feel like a “native” nostr solution for hosting and streaming large videos could really help with adoption and I’m curious about how Satellite can support specific use cases.”API docs can be found here.In related news, Nostr web client is now fully open-source.

Key features

Upload video and other large files, up to 5 GB each.Simple flat-rate pricing, buy storage with sats. “Storage space on the CDN is pre-paid at a flat rate of $0.05 USD per gigabyte per month. Data transfer (aka “bandwidth”) is free and unlimited. You can use the up/down arrows to specify the amount of credit you’d like to add to your account.”Fast, free and unlimited data transfer.Integrated NIP-94 censorship resistance.Developer-friendly API.

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