Samourai Dojo v1.19.0: Stability & Connectivity Improvements

Notable changes

Updated Bitcoin Core v24.0.1. This version of Bitcoin Core has a support for -mempoolfullrbf option. This option is disabled by default in Samourai Dojo.Added option to use Auth47 for DMT auth. Users are now able to add their payment code. Inside conf/docker-node.conf just assign your payment code to the NODE_PAYMENT_CODE variable.Updated Whirlpool CLI v0.10.16. This version of WHirlpool CLI brings several stability improvements that will help mixing to keep running even with Tor network disruptions.

Change log


5115cc46 – updated to Bitcoin Core v24.0.1f9674dd9 – updated Whirlpool CLI to v0.10.1602cc549e – updated to Tor v0.4.7.133df9b526 – updated bitcoinjs-libdc0edf9f – added noscript warning to DMT991546a4 – added option to log-in via Auth47


eb4e1ba4 – read address from scriptPubKey object1a9ae068 – removed passport.js


cfa68b01, 8a72a093 updated Node.js dependencies2d7e408c – fixed ESLint errorseb2d4c5e – updated engines fieldf3767966 – remove basic auth for BTC-RPC Explorere5de92d8 – use custom version of BTC-RPC Explorer to prevent leaks3675df6f – inter-process communication for importer

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