RoboSats Admin Banned From Telegram, Communications Moved to Matrix, SimpleX & Nostr

“You probably know by now Telegram banned my previous account. I was not given a reason. Also no replies to the inquires after 2 weeks. Most likely they automatically unbanned it, yet they locked me out of it (… was created with sms4sats),” states the announcement.”There won’t be a reckless_satoshi_v3. This is the last time I create a Telegram account.””We are moving all communications to Simplex and Matrix. General chat moves to SimpleX (see pinned message) and Nostr (note1tfwvglg8xz8420pfgav0dc9mqekv02nkpck2axefklrema7lk6wszmwxdy).””You can consider this telegram group deprecated. The account that owns this group is dead, so it will not be possible to manage it effectively. Of course, we can still use it until the other groups grow. But my responses might often be “ask again over SimpleX”.””I would also encourage you to fully drop Telegram in favor of SimpleX, Matrix or Nostr. After the experience of getting my account “confiscated”, my trust on TG operation is null (…and we already knew TG privacy is crap).”New group links:

Nostr Chat (npub & chat (chat is supported only by certain clients, check out this list for viable alternatives)

Announcement / Archive Discussion

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