Riot Platforms Awards Research Grant to Tobin C. Harding

“The Company is pleased to announce that it has awarded a research grant to Tobin Harding, a prominent open-source developer, in order to support Harding’s work on Bitcoin libraries written in the Rust programming language.””Harding is known for his prolific contributions to improving the developer experience and code quality of strategically important Bitcoin software, and this grant will allow Harding to continue his work on Bitcoin software and further his research.””Tobin’s proof-of-work in rust libraries continues to improve the developer experience and engineering quality. The easier it is to build software with Bitcoin, the faster mainstream adoption happens,” said Riot’s VP of Research Pierre Rochard.

In related news, Riot also announced its new membership with the Texas A&M University Blockchain and Energy Research Consortium (“BERC”), a research consortium focused on the intersection between Bitcoin mining and electrical engineering.

Pierre Rochard, Riot’s VP of Research, will join BERC’s Board to advise on research projects.”This partnership presents exciting opportunities to accelerate the integration of Bitcoin and the energy industry, research advancements, and student career development,” stated the press release.

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