RGB Core v0.10.0 Released

The release represents deep refactoring of RGB to complete its support for Turing-complete smart contracts.

Migration to strict type system.Removing embedded validation procedures in favor of AluVM.Global state.Consensus ordering of global state data.Validation of structured state with strict types system.

Merged PRs

Release v0.10 beta 1 by @dr-orlovsky in #136Skip bulletproofs construction. Remove grin secp256k1zkp dependency. by @dr-orlovsky in #135WASM support by @dr-orlovsky in #142Simplify data hierarchy in contract operations by @dr-orlovsky in #143Schema validation refinements by @dr-orlovsky in #145Fix SchemaGlobalStateLimit Validation by @crisdut in #146V0.10.0 release by @dr-orlovsky in #151

Full Changelog: v0.9.0…v0.10.0

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