25.00 / ~46,400 Sats

Satodime card supports storing bitcoin securely, simple & tangible. Tap the card on your phone, create your vault and treasure your bitcoin. From digital to tangible: offer your loaded Satodime card for a unique gift experience.


  • You can generate up to 3 different vaults. It allows you to manage multiple private keys at once
  • Your Satodime is not only a storage device. It embeds an EAL6+ certified smart chip that acts as a secure element (SE) to handle your keys (public and private) with care
  • Private keys are strictly sealed within the secure chip. You don’t know the keys until you redeem it. The color of the key slot turns from green to red when it’s unsealed
  • Just like a dollar/euro fiat bill, it has never been so easy to safely transfer bitcoin hand-to-hand


Warning: Satodime is not a hardware wallet. Satodime is a bearer asset, which means ownership of the asset is determined solely by possession. This type of asset is akin to cash or physical gold in that whoever physically holds it, owns it.

Check out the explainer Youtube video by Satochip.

The two-clicks bitcoin storage solution. Secure, simple, tangible. Your hassle-free gateway to the bitcoin world.


How Satodime Works

  1. Download the App: Install the Satodime app on your phone or computer.
  2. Pair the Card: Connect card with the app.
  3. Create Vaults: Set up to 3 vaults in the app and seal them.
  4. Transfer Funds: Move funds into the sealed vaults.
  5. Access Vaults: Unseal a vault to access the private key and transfer funds. Scan the QR code with your wallet or copy the private key. Warning: Copying the private key to digital devices can be risky. Transfer funds to another private key promptly.
  6. Gift the Card: Use the app and NFC scanning to transfer the card to another person, giving them ownership and access to the funds.


You can offer your loaded Satodime card for a unique gift experience.