Preturnio: Full-text Bitcoin Blockchain Search Engine

“Block explorers can search for transactions, blocks and addresses but searching for arbitrary text is a challenge. Data is stored in the blockchain natively in hexadecimal format and not easily readable by humans.””Preturnio solves this with an easy-to-use search interface. Just enter the text you’re looking for and Preturnio will return highlighted results found in any OP_RETURN, Coinbase or Ordinal transaction. See when the data was created, which block it was confirmed in and other relevant details.””You can search for anything: source code, names, quotes, brc-20 tokens – any plain text you can think of, you can find in the blockchain with Preturnio.””Preturnio has also cross referenced all transactions against a published list of all known English words (more languages coming soon) so you can browse individual words stored somewhere on the blockchain.””Check out the docs to learn about other search features supported. Feedback is encouraged and appreciated. Thanks for welcoming Preturnio – now go out there and find some cool stuff buried in the Bitcoin blockchain at”
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