Popular Custodial Lightning Service Tippin.me May Be Exit Scamming

User @t4es5ter5 wrote on Stacker.News:

“Tippin.me’s lightning node has been down for an extended period, and their support channels -including Telegram, Twitter, and email – have gone silent.””Many users, myself included, have found themselves unable to access their funds.””Although the front end of the Tippin.me website remains functional, users are unable to log in and withdraw their funds. Attempting to log in via the site or the Chrome extension results in an “Internal exception” error message. Users who logged into the Chrome extension long ago, when Tippin.me was still active, can see their balances but are unable to withdraw, encountering the same “Internal exception” error.””A glance at the support channels mentioned on their site reveals numerous disheartened comments from users desperately seeking answers.””This situation serves as a cautionary tale for those using third-party services like WalletOfSatoshi. It is essential to minimize the amount of funds held on these platforms, ensuring that only an amount you can afford to lose is at risk. Stay vigilant, and always prioritize the security of your assets.””I hope this warning helps prevent others from falling victim to this potential scam and encourages users to exercise caution when using similar services.”Tippin.me has also been running one of the larger Lightning nodes on the network, with a total capacity of ~9.246 BTC.

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